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Numerical Methods for the Selection of Process Parameters for Laser Processing of Materials
P. Kalvettukaran, S. Das, S. Marimuthu and D. Misra

This paper presents a multipurpose numerical model that can be used to identify limiting values of the input process parameters for various laser material processing applications. The simulations layout is designed based on a central composite design (CCD) with four factors and five levels. Laser power, scanning speed, spot diameter and plate thickness are considered as input variables; while maximum temperature of the plate is considered as output variable of the model. Based on the simulation output a regression equation is developed to estimate the maximum temperature as a function of the laser process parameters (power, scanning speed, spot diameter) and the sheet thickness. The results obtained from the developed mathematical model and numerical simulation shows good agreement, which gives an assurance to use the developed model for laser processing of Ti with satisfactory precision.

Keywords: Laser material processing, parameters, numerical simulation, finite element method (FEM), central composite design (CCD), regression equation, response surface methodology (RSM), temperature

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