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Super-Resolution Algorithm for Laser Triangulation Measurement
S-Q. Wu, B. Shen, J-H. Wang, D-T. Zheng and J. Fleischer

A new algorithm is proposed to deal with the data collected in laser triangulation measurement. Firstly, data collected by the linear array charge coupled device (CCD) is fitted to obtain the pixel-grey curves of the image. Secondly, the obtained curves are carried out standardization to convert them to the standard waveform according to their width and positions. Then all nodes in a certain area near the facula are used for iterative interpolation to position its centre. Finally, the experiment platform is built and the data of thirty different measured surfaces is obtained under the same experimental conditions. The algorithms studied in this paper are used to process the acquired data respectively. Results prove that the accuracy and stability of the measurement results can be significantly improved.

Keywords: Laser measurement, charge-coupled device (CCD), linear array, image pre-processing, standardization, image centre positioning, iterative interpolation

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