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Self-Similar Parabolic Pulses in a Varying Nonlinearity Fibre
G-Y. Jiang, Y-J. Fu and Y. Huang

We theoretically analyse the existence and propagation properties of selfsimilar parabolic pulse in varying nonlinearity fibre with an exponential nonlinearity profile. As well as the normal dispersion decreasing fibre with a hyperbolic dispersion profile, the varying nonlinearity fibre is equivalent to the fibre amplifier, which can generate the self-similar parabolic pulses with strictly linear chip. In addition, the influence of the initial pulse energy, pulse width, the nonlinearity coefficients and the second-order dispersion on the self-similar region, the best self-similar region for different initial pulses and fibre parameters are investigated numerically and analytically. The results indicate that the self-similar parabolic pulses can be generated in varying nonlinearity fibre, the best initial pulses and fibre parameters are helpful for obtaining the ideal selfsimilar parabolic pulses.

Keywords: Laser beam, nonlinear optics, varying nonlinearity fibre, self-similar parabolic pulse, similariton pulse

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