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The Tribological Properties of a Textured Silicon Surface Induced by Laser Interference Lithography
H. Yang, J. Man, H. He, H. Ding, H. Liu and J. Zhao

Laser interference lithography is a preferred method to achieve periodic textures in a large area with fast speed and low cost. Three types of textured surface (grooves, holes array and pillars array) were fabricated by laser interference lithography. Then the tribology properties of textured Si surface were investigated by an atomic force microscope (AFM) with colloidal probe. The result indicates that textured Si surface has lower friction coefficient and adhesive force, and the anti-adhesion of pillars array is superior to grooves and holes array; therefore, fabricating microtextures with different types and sizes by changing the parameters of laser interference lithography, we realized the purpose of control Si surface friction and adhesion properties.

Keywords: Nd:YVO4 laser, ultraviolet (UV) laser, atomic force microscope (AFM), colloidal probe, silicon, Si, textured surface, laser interference lithography, tribological properties

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