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Effects of High Frequency Vibration on the Residual Stress in AISA 1045 Steel Subjected to Pulsed Laser Beam Surface Irradiation
B-P. Gu, X. Hu, J-T. Lai, C. Zhang, Z-D. Jin, G-H. Xu, Z-S. Yang and L. Pan

The effects of high frequency vibration on residual stress of AISI 1045 steel subjected to pulsed laser surface irradiation were studied. The initial larger tensile residual stress in the specimens was introduced based on the Nd:YAG pulsed-laser machine. Moreover, the residual stress relaxation model was proposed based on the microcosmic dynamic theory in order to reveal the mechanism of the high frequency vibratory stress relief (VSR). The results show that the residual stress in the small workpieces can be eliminated by the high frequency VSR; moreover, increasing the external high frequency vibration energy imposed into the workpieces can improve the effect of the high frequency VSR. The conclusions drawn from the residual stress relaxation model agree well with the conclusionsdrawn from the experimental results. The findings confirm that the high frequency VSR process is promising to be used to eliminate the residual stress in small workpiece.

Keywords: Nd:YAG laser, AISI 1045 steel, residual stress, vibratory stress relief, high frequency, pulsed laser beam, particles

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