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Effect of Magnetizing Treatment on the Tribological Properties of a Laser Processed Ni-Co Alloy Surface Coating
J-X. Man, H-F. Yang, H. Liu, E-L. Zhao, T-C. Chen, J-G. Qian and H. Zhu

The tribological properties of Ni-Co alloy coating have been studied extensively. We combined laser processing and magnetic field to improve tribological performance of Ni-Co alloy coating. The relationship between magnetic field and tribological properties was investigated and revealed the anti-friction law of magnetized microtextured/nanotextured surface. A laser direct writing system was used to fabricate microtexture/nanotexture on Ni-Co coating surface, and then the samples were magnetized by a permanent magnet. The tribological properties of the coating were characterised and showed that the magnetic field can significantly reduce the friction forces of Ni-Co coating surface. After magnetizing treatment in a magnetic field, the laser processed coating surface has a much lower friction force than the coating without laser processing; therefore, both laser processing parameters and magnetic flux density could influence the tribological properties of Ni-Co coating surface.

Keywords: Nd:YVO4 laser, Ni-Co alloy, 316L stainless steel, laser processing, magnetizing treatment, textured surface, anti-friction, tribological properties

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