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About a Method for Enhanced Coating of a Ti-Al Alloy Surface with ZrO2 Using Laser Shock Peening (LSP)
H. Yang, H-C. Qiao, J-B. Zhao and T-R. Wang

To protect the surface of A Ti-Al alloy, a new method was used: laser shock peening (LSP). LSP has its own advantages: no contact, no heat affected zone (HAZ), easy to change the processing path and efficient. To check the new method by testing the surface morphology, the diffraction pattern and the surface hardness was investigated. The results showed that the new method could successfully make a coating layer on the substrate. The coating layer not only covered the substrate surface but also embedded in the substrate. Due to its advantages, the substrate material didn’t grow new phases. In conclusion, the new method not only make a surface coating layer but also have the advantages of LSP.

Keywords: Nd:YAG laser, titanium-aluminium alloy, Ti-Al alloy, laser shock peening (LSP), surface coating, coating layer, zirconia, ZrO2

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