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Analysis of the Influence of Auxiliary Gas Pressure on Cut Characteristics of Laser Cut Steel
H. Deneva, E. Teirumenieka, L. Lazov, V. Nikolić and M. Milovančević

In this article two types of electrical sheet steel M250-35A and M530-50A were used to cut by a fibre laser system with auxiliary gas pressure. It was observed that pressure of auxiliary gas had a major effect on kerf width and cut angle deviation. In order to improve the laser process nitrogen was used as an assisted gas. The basic parameters as laser power, cutting speed, focus position were constantly supported and the pressure was changed from 4 bar to 20 bar. Experimental results of the gas pressure and exit kerf widths were analysed and discussed.

Keywords: Fibre laser, steel sheet, M250-35A, M530-50A, electrical steel, gas pressure, laser cutting, kerf width, cut angle

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