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Laser Cladding of a Fe5Cr5SiTiCoNbMoW High Entropy Alloy Coating onto a Tool Steel Substrate
X-J. Shang, Q-B. Liu, Y-X. Guo, P. Xu and F. Zhou

To obtain high performance coating materials a Fe5Cr5SiTiCoNbMoW high entropy alloy coating was prepared for deposition onto 6542# and Q235 tool steel by CO2 laser cladding. The microstructure, microhardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the coatings were investigated. The experimental results showed that the Fe5Cr5SiTiCoNbMoW high entropy alloy is mainly composed of body-centred cubic (BCC) phase accompanied with a few metal carbides. The microstructure was dendritic crystal. The hardness and wear resistance of the Fe5Cr5SiTiCoNbMoW high entropy alloy coated 6542# tool steel with high C content was higher than those of the Fe5Cr5SiTiCoNbMoW high entropy alloy coated Q235 tool steel.

Keywords: CO2 laser, Fe5Cr5SiTiCoNbMoW high entropy alloy, 6542# tool steel, Q235 tool steel, laser cladding, microstructure, phase, microhardness, wear resistance

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