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High Speed Laser Butt Welding of Cr-Plated Stainless Steel Sheets
X. Long, Y. Zhu, K. Li, L.Y. Bian, Y.X. Qian, W.Z. Li, J. Zhou and B.X. Zhu

High speed fibre laser welding of high melting point Cr-plated thin stainless steel (MRT 4) plates was investigated, with the emphasis laid on the effects of the laser parameters on the welding speed. Specifically, the relevant relationship between the laser parameters and the thickness of welding test-pieces was obtained for the case of 30 m/min welding speed. It was found that with increasing laser power density the minimum energy input required by the welding was also decreased accordingly; that is, at the same laser power the increase of laser power density can increase the welding speed. But, with the increase of laser power density the weld would be vulnerable to such weld defects as depression.

Keywords: Fibre laser, stainless steel, MRT 4, chromium, CR, high speed laser welding, laser power density, energy input

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