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An Automatic Determination for Planar Target Points via C-Means Approach in the Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
B. Ergun

Laser scanners have been used in distinct disciplines and different approaches, especially industrial planning, and all three-dimensional (3-D) modelling studies. It acquires 3-D coordinate (x-, y-, z-coordinates) point clouds from the object surface. This scanning process has been automatically done of more than thousand points in a second; moreover, if the scanner has a camera, each point will have colour data as well. In this study, the fuzzy logic approach has been used for the automatic determination of the centre coordinates for data registration points in the terrestrial laser scanning data. The approach model has been selected as a fuzzy C-means (FCM) algorithm, which is frequently used as a clustering and training method from the point of fuzzy logic. This method has been programmed within the Matlab software and the original registration points of target data have been tested. In the end, application results have been shown and compared with the results of conventional method.

Keywords: Terrestrial laser scanners, planar target determination, data registration, fuzzy logic, fuzzy C-means (FCM) algorithm, Matlab programming

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