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Multi-Objective Optimization in Laser Trepan Drilling of Inconel-718 Sheet by Using a Genetic Algorithm (Ga)
K.L. Dhaker and A.K. Pandey

Inconel-718 is used extensively in different advanced industry like, aerospace, nuclear equipment, marine, automobile and food processing. These applications require very precise and complex shapes and profiles. The quality of the holes becomes very important at micro and nanoscale applications. The conventional drilling process face difficulties to drill good quality and precise holes in such types of advanced materials due to its better mechanical properties. Laser drilling may be applied to produce high quality hole geometry by operating the machine at optimum input parameters level. Keeping this fact in mind, the objective of the present research has been decided. The objective of present research is to optimize simultaneously hole circularity at exit and entry as well as hole taper in the laser trepan drilling of Inconel-718. The second order regression models for hole circularity at entrance, circularity at exit and hole taper have been developed. The genetic algorithm (GA) has been applied for the simultaneous optimization of different quality characteristics. Finally, the effects of input process parameters on hole quality characteristics have been discussed.

Keyword: Nd:YAG laser, Inconel, laser trepan drilling, hole circularity, hole taper, multi-objective optimization, genetic algorithm (GA)

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