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Application of the Laser Feedback Interferometry Technique to Expansion Measurement of Lithium-ion Battery (LIB)
N. Liu, Y. X. Niu and H.S. Niu

The expansion displacements of lithium-ion battery (LIB) in three directions were measured in charge-discharge process. The laser beam emitted by Nd:YAG laser feedback system was irradiated onto the surface of a LIB and the scattered light from the surface could be used to measure the displacements. The resolution could reach 1 nm and the non-contact characteristic could help to avoid the effect brought on by traditional measuring apparatus on the sample. The displacement changes about several tens of microns and the expansion and contraction have close relationship with the charging and discharging process. The method has great potential to be applied in the liquid battery measurement for its non-contact work mode.

Keywords: Optical measurement, Li-ion battery, laser feedback, non-contact measurement, material measurement, interferometry

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