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Measurement of Fat Concentration in Milk Using a Laser Sensor
J-S. Li, X-Y. Zhu and S. Ren

A new method for measuring fat concentration in milk based on a He-Ne laser sensor at room temperature (25°C) is presented. The measurement system consists of signal acquisition module and signal processing module. The signal acquisition module consists of a light source, photodetector, temperature control module and a lifting platform. The signal processing module mainly consists of signal amplification module, signal conversion module and microprocessor module. According to the characteristic of fat in milk, the corresponding laser light source and photodetector are selected. Milk samples with different fat concentration have different levels of reflectance. Based on this, the model of fat concentration and diffuse reflection light intensity in milk is established. The research shows that the fat concentration can be measured accurately by the laser sensor system, and the feasibility of the method is also verified. Meanwhile, the method proposed in this paper can measure the fat concentration in milk in real time, which provides a new way for detecting main component concentration in foods.

Keywords: He-Ne laser, laser sensor, milk, fat concentration, milk quality, real-time detection, diffuse reflection light

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