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Microstructure and Wear Resistance of Cu/La2O3 Modified Laser Clad Composites
Z. Wang, J-N. Li, Z. Zhang, J-M. Li and M-L. Su

A Co42/Ni60A-based coating was prepared on a TC17 titanium alloy substrate surface by laser clad technology using a CO2 laser. The microstructure of the CO2 laser clad coatings with different elements was analysed. Results showed that the microhardness and wear resistance of the TC17 titanium alloy substrate surface can be effectively enhanced by the CO2 laser cladding approach. The microstructure of this CO2 laser clad coating was improved with the Cu addition. Also, La2O3 was used to refine the microstructure, reduce the crack porosity defects, which increased the wear-resistant of this CO2 laser clad coating.

Keywords: CO2 laser, Co42/Ni60A, TC17 titanium alloy, laser cladding, fine grain strengthening, microstructure

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