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A New Method for Online Measurement of Glucose Concentration Based on Laser Ranging and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Y.S. Yu, R.D. Ji, X.Y. Wang, H.Y. Zhang, Q.S. Jiang, R.C. Chen and M.X. Jiang

This paper presents an online method for calculating the glucose concentration based on laser ranging and radio frequency identification (RFID). We derive a theoretical formula on the reading distance and received signal backscattering power of the RFID tag attached to the surface of glucose solution. Subsequently, the former measurement values are converted to the corresponding glucose concentration. Finally, a fitted model of the relationship of glucose concentration, reading distances and received power is established. The experimental data are compliant to the theoretical counterparts. This online method could be applied to dynamic measurement in automatic assembly line and has the advantages of excellent versatility, high measuring accuracy, stable performance and quick response speed.

Keywords: Laser ranging sensor, radio frequency identification (RFID), glucose concentration, online detection, reading distance, fitted model

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