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Laser Operating Parameters and Their Influence on the High-Speed Welding of Cr-plated Sheet Steel
J. Zhan

The welding of Cr-plated sheet steel at laser welding speeds in excess of 30 m/min results defects. In this work a fibre laser was used to weld Cr-plated sheet steel and the effects of the laser parameters (laser power, minimum input energy of laser input and power density) for high welding speeds (>30 m/min) was researched. The welding speed was increased linearly with the required laser power and the turning point appeared when the focus position from the focal 0 to 5 mm. The welding speed was decreased linearly with the required the minimum input energy of laser input accordingly, the turning point appeared at the same position. The relationship between welding speed and laser power density was two linear segments and the turning point was 40 m/min, 6.50 × 105 W/cm2.

Keywords: Fibre laser, Cr-plated sheet steel, laser welding, laser power density, welding speed

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