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Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance of Laser-induced Stellite Base Composites on a TA10 Alloy
J-N. Li, Z-Y. Liu, Q. Liu and Y. Tian

This work is based on the cyclic oxidation of the composites deposited on a TA10 titanium alloy by means of the laser alloying of the Stellite SF 12-SiC-TiC-Y2O3 mixed powders. It was noted that an improvement of oxidation resistance was obtained for such laser alloyed composites that compared with the TA10 substrate. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images indicated that lots of the amorphous/nanocrystalline phases were produced, improving the oxidation resistance of such laser alloyed composites, owned the better oxidation resistance than that of the laser alloyed composites free of Y2O3 due to the formation of the denser and finer-grain scale. The effect of Y2O3 on the microstructures and oxidation behavior of the laser alloyed composites on the TA10 titanium alloy is discussed in detail.

Keywords: CO2 laser, titanium alloy, TA10, Stellite, SF12, nanomaterials, powder, laser alloying, microstructure, surface performance

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