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Laser Cladding of Ceramics Reinforced Ni-Based Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Composites
L-W. Zhang M-L. Su, X. Qi, X-G. Wang and J-N. Li

Laser cladding of the 70Ni60A-10B4C-17(Al-Ti)-3Sb mixed powders on the TC17 titanium alloy substrate formed the hard composites, which increased the microhardness of the substrate surface. The microhardness and elements’ distributions of the laser clad composites were analysed by means of an optical microscope, a scanning electron microscope (SEM), an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and a microhardness tester. Ni60A can be used to increase the plastic toughness of such laser clad composites; the Ti-B and TiC ceramics were produced by the in situ reaction in the laser induced molten laser-pool, which increased the microhardness and wear resistance of the composites; Sb-added led the nanocrystals to be produced, also favoured the fine microstructure to be formed. This research provides essential theoretical basis to improve the quality of the laser treated composites.

Keywords: CO2 laser, TC17 titanium alloy, Ni-based alloy, amorphous alloy, composites, ceramics, laser cladding, microhardness, wear

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