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A Novel Flatness Detection Method for Spiral Bevel Gears In an Automobile Gearbox
X.B. Fu, G.R. Zhang, Y.C. Zhang, Y.B. Li, L.S. Jia and Y. Guan

Power and speed are transmitted by the gears in an automobile and the transmitting power and speed are influenced by the flatness of the spiral bevel gears used in gearboxes; consequently, the automobile’s safety and comfort are affected by the gear transmission. Currently, artificial feeler method is used widely in the flatness detection of spiral bevel gear, and this method is simple to operate. However, the low accuracy and human error are the weakness of this method. Combining the laser plane generation technology, the laser detection technology and the embedded control theory, a new on-line detection method of flatness is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the laser plane generated by the laser plane generator is used as the datum of the measurement. Secondly, the position information is detected by the position sensitive detector (PSD). The position information is the height difference between measuring points and the laser plane. Thirdly, the system error is separated from the position information. Using least square method, the on-line detection of automobile gearbox spiral bevel gear flatness is realized by evaluating the data of flatness after error separation. Finally, the feasibility of the proposed method is verified by experiments.

Keywords: Semiconductor laser, spiral bevel gear, laser plane generator flatness, position sensitive detector (PSD), error separation, least squares method

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