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Nano/Microlevel Surface Roughness Measurement of Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Wafer with the Laser Speckle Technique
R. Prakasam and R. Balamurugan

Proposed herein is a simple laser speckle technique to measure the surface roughness of polycrystalline silicon solar wafer in the submicron range. When an optically rough surface of a polycrystalline silicon solar wafer is illuminated by a diode laser beam, a speckle pattern is formed due to the scattering effect. The objective type of the speckle pattern is captured by a high-resolution charge-coupled device (CCD) camera. From this pattern, the surface roughness of the polycrystalline silicon solar wafer is determined by fractal box analysis with the help of B/D pixels. Stylus profilometer results were used for verification and were found to agree well with the laser speckle technique.

Keywords: Diode laser, polycrystalline silicon solar wafer, surface roughness, laser speckle, B/D pixels, fractal analysis

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