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Automobile Brake Protection Based on Laser Pulse Real-Time Ranging
G.Z. Bao, W. Liu, L. Wei and J.G. Zhao

With the ever-increasing development of traffic volume, traffic safety has attracted wide attention, among which rear-end collision is a very common accident. In order to avoid rear-end collision, this study investigated the braking protection of automobiles. An automobile brake protection system was designed based on real-time laser pulse ranging. First, the laser ranging technology and the brake protection system designed were briefly introduced. Then, the laser receiving and transmitting module and the time interval measuring module were designed, the braking process of the automobile was briefly introduced, and the safety distance of automobile automatic braking was put forward. The simulation experiment of the system found that the system could effectively control the speed within 1.6 seconds, with a braking distance of 20 m and a system error of 0.06 to 0.14 m, which verified the reliability of the system. Laser pulse real-time ranging technology was applied to automobile brake protection and its value was proved, which provides some theoretical support for the popularization of the technology.

Keywords: Semiconductor laser, laser pulse, real-time ranging, automobile braking, safety distance

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