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Optimization of the Fibre Laser Welding of Galvanized Steel in a Lap Joint Configuration
M-J. Zhang, Z-J. Wang, Z-Q. Liu and Z-Z. Xie

In order to solve the problem of welding defects caused by zinc vapor in zero-gap laser lap welding of galvanized steel sheet, fibre laser lap welding of DC51D+Z-FA automotive galvanized steel sheet with a reserved slot is proposed. The effects of slot size on the weld appearance and mechanical properties of welded joints are studied. The effects of laser power, welding speed and defocus on the weld appearance are also investigated. Response surface methodology (RSM) is applied to optimize the laser welding parameters. The results indicated that slot size can improve the weld appearance and joint mechanical properties, and that the optimum welding parameters are specified to maximize the tensile resistance of the welded joint by the response surface methodology.

Keywords: Fibre laser, DC51D+Z-FA galvanized steel, laser welding, automotive, slot, parameter optimization, response surface methodology (RSM), mechanical properties

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