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Preparation and Analysis of Ceramics/Amorphous Composites on TA2 Titanium Alloy by Laser Alloying
Z-Y. Ye, J-M. Li, J-N. Li, X-T. Yue, Y-W. Sui, L-N. Xu and Y. Xu

Stellite 156-B4C-Zn mixed powders were deposited on the TA2 titanium alloy substrate by means of laser alloying with a fibre laser to form the ceramics reinforced composites (CRCs). Large amounts of the reinforced ceramics was produced in the CRCs. Then, the La2O3 modified remelted layer was fabricated on the produced CRCs by mean of a laser remelting (laser remelting) technique. This fabricated remelted layer exhibited a great high temperature oxidation resistance, also La2O3-added was able to retard growth of crystals to a certain extent, improving the high temperature oxidation resistance of a TA2 titanium alloy surface.

Keywords: Fibre laser, TA2 titanium alloy, ceramic, ceramics reinforced composites (CRCs), laser alloying, laser remelting, high temperature oxidation resistance

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