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Physiology and State of Blood Cells and Parameters Under Hypernatremia and Liquor Consumption Investigated at λ=630 nm
H. Ullah, M. Akhtar, A. Nazir, Z. Batool and R. Mehmood

In this manuscript we have tried to expose the best possible haematological results about the changes in size, shape and cells count in whole blood after admixing ten different concentrations of salt and liquor from 0 mM up to optimum concentration of 450 mM with a step size of 50 mM. Using a two-dimensional (2-D) microscope with a red laser diode of wavelength λo=630 nm, bandwidth Δλ=15 nm we obtained images of all the samples and shown the statistical trend of different parameters of blood by drawing graphs. This work is a base line for researchers to know about the physiology and state of blood components and parameters under hypernatremia and excessive use of ethanol. We shall extend this work in the tree-dimensional (3-D) mode by using optical coherence tomography in future.

Keywords: Red laser diode, blood cells, physiology, state, rouleaux formation, homeostasis, hypernatremia, alcoholism, autoimmunity

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