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Full Period Three-dimensional (3-D) Reconstruction Method for a Low Cost Single-layer Lidar
Z-W. Wang, C-Y. Liu, G-H. Fu, Q-L. Hu, J-Y. Niu and S-F Wang

The current types of the multi-layer lidar sensors are expensive. Besides, these types of lidar are not able to scan the above space because of the limited pitch angler movement, which leads to uncompleted three-dimensional (3-D) spatial reconstruction. This paper proposes an approach to solve these problems fusing the point cloud data from a single-layer lidar and yaw angler data from a stepping motor. The three-dimensional normal distribution transforms (3D-NDT) registration algorithm shows higher accuracy than iterative closest point (ICP) one in this application. The experiments show that this approach represents a full field spatial reconstructing method along with region of interest (ROI) scanning. The 3D-NDT algorithm is employed in this approach that shows a robust registration result.

Keywords: Lidar, single-layer lidar, spatial coordinate algorithm, three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction, three-dimensional normal distribution transforms (3D-NDT) algorithm, iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm

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