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Wear Behavior of Laser Surface Melted Inconel 718
S.K. Sharma, K. Biswas, A.K. Nath, I. Manna and J. Dutta Majumdar

This study aims at investigating the microstructure and wear resistance of laser surface melted Inconel 718. Surface melting was conducted using a 2 kW continuous wave (CW) Yb-Fibre laser with a power of 400 W and varying scan speed ranging from 500 to 1000 mm/min with a spot diameter of 3 mm. Laser surface melting (LSM) leads to formation of refined microstructure with increase in hardness, wear resistance, and reduce coefficient of friction (COF). The effect of LSM on the orientation of grains has also been studied in detail by electron back scattered diffraction (EBSD) analysis.

Keywords: Fibre laser, Inconel 718, laser surface melting (LSM), microstructure, wear, coefficient of friction (COF)

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