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Viability of the Novel Process of Indirect Laser Brazing
M.Y. Yuserny, M.H. Aiman, M.M. Quazi, M Ishak and J. Shamini

Brazing is a 5000 year old joining process which faced still with the advanced joining challenges that exist today [1]. In laser brazing components are joined together by heating above the melting point of a filler metal placed between them. It provides unique advantages over other joining methods, including the ability to joint dissimilar material. Indirect laser brazing is a novel process which able to joint dissimilar metals with minimal formation of a brittle intermetallic compound (IMC) layer than conventional furnace brazing. In this study the viability of indirect laser brazing process was investigated between Ti6Al4V and 316L stainless steel.

Keywords: Fibre laser, Ti-6Al-4V, titanium alloy, 316L stainless steel, filler metal, laser brazing, intermetallic compound (IMC)

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