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Laser Cutting of Al 2024 Alloy and the Effects Cutting Parameters on Temperature and Surface Roughness
M. Azari and M. Shamsipour

Laser parameters serve a key role in determining the temperature of cutting area and therefore, the quality of cutting-edge Al 2024 alloy in laser cutting. In this study the laser power and cutting speed were considered as the main working variables and the cutting region temperature and surface roughness were taken as the response, thus representing the changing of cutting situations. The findings showed that the effect of laser power parameter was considerable on the cutting edge quality and temperature of cutting region. Also, the selection of an appropriate set of parameters such as cutting speed and power could be done through creating an appropriate temperature for the region of cutting; for instance, by increasing the cutting speed , the cutting zone temperature was sharply decreased from 580 to 460 C and 470 to 370 C for both 1 and 2 mm thicknesses, respectively.

Keywords: CO2 laser, Al 2024 alloy, laser cutting, temperature, thickness, cutting edge quality, region of cutting

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