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Reviewing Recent Developments in Enhancing Wear and Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) Resistance of Train Wheels and Rail Track by Laser Cladding
X-L. Wang and H. Yu

The service life of railway rails would be remarkably reduced owing to the increase of axle load which can aggravate the surface damages such as wear and rolling contact fatigue (RCF). Laser cladding, which can enhance the mechanical properties of the rail by creating a coating, has been received great attention on the area of the rails due to the attractive advantages such as low inputted heat, small heat affected zone (HAZ), small deformation, etc. In this paper, based on the relationship between the hardness and wear rate, effects of materials and the damage behaviour, recent developments in wear and RCF are reviewed. In addition, the fatigue resistance is analysed from the perspective of crack initial and growth.

Keywords: Laser cladding, train wheel, rail track, damage behaviour, wear, rolling contact fatigue (RCF), fatigue resistance

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