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On a Hybrid Blue Diode Laser and Fibre Laser Welding Device
C. Hu, H-J. Ma, X-J. Yao, X-H. Tang, Z-Q. Niu, G-J. Lu and Q. Wang

According to the requirements for 450 nm blue light and 1060 nm fibre laser hybrid welding for Cu welding, we report on a novel design of hybrid laser welding device comprised of a blue diode laser and a fibre laser, including the laser isolation protection parts and the composite optical path parts. The laser isolation protection part, with the main component of birefringent crystals, is designed to prevent the laser device from being damaged. The composite optical path part includes a fibre laser mirror and a focusing lens mirror in the 1060 nm band, a diode laser focusing mirror and a dichroic lens in the 450 nm band. The results show that the hybrid laser welding device uses a dichroic mirror to achieve 97.2% transmission of 450 nm diode laser and 98.2% reflection of 1060 nm fibre laser. Moving the fibre laser mirror can realize the adjustable distance and position of the dual-beam spot, which is suitable for any welding direction. The energy loss is about 10%.

Keywords: Blue diode laser, fibre laser, copper, Cu, hybrid welding device, laser isolation protection, optical path composite, laser welding

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