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Realization of 20 Monochromatic Laser Beams Using a Photonic Crystal (PhC) Structure via the Principle of Filtering
K.P. Swain, S. Das, S.R. Samal, S.K. Sahu and G. Palai

The current work employs a Si-based one-dimensional (1-D) photonic structure which delivers 20 different types of monochromatic laser beam via the filtering action. The I/P signals are essentially varying from visible to near infrared (NIR) range to justify the work. Though similar types of work related to filtering application are found in the literature, the present research deals with an output laser beam which could be deployed in different purposes vis-à-vis dentistry, dermatology, spectroscopy, printing, holography, barcode scanning, etc. The mechanism of this work incorporates 68 layers of SiO and Si-based 1-D optical waveguide along with their configuration where the plane wave expansion (PWE) method does fulfil the basics of the required mathematics to solve out electromagnetic wave equations. Reflectance and transmittance characteristics along with the absorbance are the critical parameters that substantiate the said application.

Keywords: Violet laser beam, SiO, Si, coronavirus, optical waveguide, photonic crystal (PhC) structure, plane wave expansion (PWE) method

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