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Early Detection of Liver, Ovary, Breast and Stomach Tumours in the Visible (λ=630 nm) and Infrared (IR) (λ=10.5 to 5.5 μm) Wavelength Regimes
H. Ullah, M. Zafar , Z. Batool, A. Nazir, G. Gilanie and J. Rehman

This work presents the early diagnosis of various cancerous tissues using a light microscope illuminated with a He-Ne laser beam wavelength, λo, of 630 nm and bandwidth, Δλ, of 15 nm, and a Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscope (950 to 1800 cm-1). We have investigated breast tissue, ovary tissue, liver tissue and stomach tissue. Normal and diseased tissues were differentiated and the results were analysed. Light microscopy shows that the size, shape and area of normal tissues are well differentiated and they are regularly arranged, while the cancerous tissues have many abnormalities in their size and shape and they are irregular. Light microscopy is capable of dealing with cell cultures and can enhance cell culture studies. The FTIR data has provided the spectra and successfully identified the normal and cancerous tissues by discussing the peaks of spectra.

Keywords: He-Ne laser, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscope, microscope, breast cancer, ovary cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer

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