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Intra/Inter-Chip CDMA Communications for Efficient Data Transmission Towards New Paradigm of Computing
Yasushi Yuminaka

This paper proposes applications of a code-division multiple access (CDMA) technique to efficient data transmission for new-paradigm VLSI systems. A pseudo-random orthogonal m-sequence carrier is employed as a multiplexable information carrier to realize efficient data transmission. Using orthogonal property of m-sequences, it is possible to multiplex several computational activities into a single circuit, and execute in parallel using multiplexed data transmission with reduced interconnection. Also, randomness of m-sequences offers the high tolerance to interference, and suppression of dynamic range of signals. In order to introduce a CDMA technique to “wired” intra/inter-chip communication, we develop multiple-valued m-sequences, an equalization technique and compact current-mode MOS circuits. The Spice and MATLAB simulation results of MV-CDMA systems demonstrate the excellent capabilities of eliminating co-channel interference inherent in wired-CDMA systems.

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