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Use of Fuzzy Strategies for Interpretation of Music
Harro Kiendl, Tatiana Kiseliova and Yves Rambinintsoa

Fuzzy control is well established in modeling the behavior of human process operators, who control technical plants based on experience and skill. We investigate the extent to which fuzzy strategies can also be successfully applied to modeling the manner in which a musician interprets a piece of music. For Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”, we set up a fuzzy system comprising 150 interpretation rules. Its input is the information contained in the score of a piece of piano music; its output is a MIDI file that represents an interpretation of this music. The level of interpretation reached so far is still well below the standard of an experienced pianist, but well above a merely mechanical rendering of the score. We discuss possible practical uses of our system, possible further developments, and demonstrate the use of advanced fuzzy strategies.

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