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Multiple Path Switching Device Utilizing Size-Controlled Nano-Schottky Wrap Gates for MDD-Based Logic Circuits
Seiya Kasai, Tatsuya Nakamura and Yuta Shiratori

A novel simple and compact multiple-path-switching device for multiple-valued decision diagram (MDD) is proposed and investigated theoretically in order to realize high-performance nanowire-network-based logic circuits with advanced functionality. The device is designed on multi-semiconductor-nanowire branches having a couple of size-controlled nanometer-scale Schottky wrap gates (WPGs). The device selects an exit branch for messenger electrons according to gate voltage as a multiple-valued input variable. The path-switching function is realized by multiple assign of gate threshold voltages and applying complementary gate voltages to the two WPGs. Theoretical investigation based on three-dimensional potential simulation confirms that clear current path switching takes place in the proposed device.

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