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GF(4) Based Synthesis of Quaternary Reversible/Quantum Logic Circuits
Mozammel H. A. Khan and Marek A. Perkowski

Galois field sum of products (GFSOP) has been found to be very promising for reversible/quantum implementation of multiple-valued logic. In this paper, we show nine quaternary Galois field expansions, using which quaternary Galois field decision diagrams (QGFDD) can be constructed. Flattening of the QGFDD generates quaternary GFSOP (QGFSOP). These QGFSOP can be implemented as cascade of quaternary 1-qudit gates and multi-qudit Feynman and Toffoli gates. We also show the realization of quaternary Feynman and Toffoli gates using liquid ion-trap realizable 1-qudit gates and 2-qudit Muthukrishnan-Stroud gates. Besides the qua-ternary functions, this approach can also be used for synthesis of encoded binary functions by grouping 2-bits together into quaternary value. For this purpose, we show binary-to-quaternary encoder and quaternary-to- binary decoder circuits using quaternary 1-qudit gates and 2-qudit Muthukrishnan-Stroud gates.

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