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A Novel Design Approach of Boolean Functions with 2-input Universal NAND Gates Using µ-graph Method
Malay Bhattacharyya and Manas Bhattacharyya

In this paper we have proposed a simplified design and visualization approach. It can be used to implement Boolean functions given in the form of minterms primarily using 2-input Universal NAND gates. Then it can be extended easily for NAND gates with any number of inputs. We name the novel approach µ-graph Method. This basically presents a compact data structure for representing circuits with 2-input NAND gates. One can use this approach to generate 2-input NAND-based digital circuits from any pre-optimized logic function, without hard brainstorming. Necessary supports behind the idea are also given along with. The circuit design will be done on the optimized form of the given Boolean function, but the number of NAND gates, however, is not optimized in this design approach.

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