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An Evaluation Methodology for Ergonomic Design of Electronic Consumer Products Based on Fuzzy Axiomatic Design
Gülçin Yücel and Emel Aktas

The development life cycle of software and electronic products has been shortened by the growth of rapid prototyping techniques. The evaluation of electronic consumer products should consider hardware and software as well as the ergonomic usability, emotional appeal and aesthetic integrity of the design. This research follows a systematic approach to develop an evaluation methodology for electronic mobile products on ergonomic design. The proposed methodology is based on fuzzy multi attribute decision making and fuzzy axiomatic design realized in three steps; determination of ergonomic attributes for electronic consumer products, determination of a representative set of alternatives, and selection of the best alternative in terms of ergonomic design by utilizing fuzzy axiomatic design. A case study is also provided to support the proposed methodology.

Keywords: Fuzzy Axiomatic Design, Ergonomic Designs, Multi Attribute Decision Making, Electronic Consumer Products, Mobile Phone

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