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A Fuzzy Multiattribute Decision Making Model to Evaluate Human Resource Flexibility Problem
Müjde Erol Genevois and Yidiz Esra Albayrak

In this paper, a fuzzy analytic hierarchy (FAHP) methodology is proposed to evaluate human resource flexibility problem with respect to human nature and organizational characteristics. Both human criteria and organization evaluation criteria such as intelligence, motivation or team-working, which are not quantitative in nature, are considered for evaluation. Using the proposed fuzzy multi-criteria approach, the ambiguities involved in the assessment data due to decision-maker can be effectively represented and processed to assure a more convincing and effective decision-making. To deal quantitatively with imprecision or uncertainty, triangular fuzzy numbers are used throughout the analysis.Acomprehensive numerical example consisting of three different types of flexibility is provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

Keywords: Linguistic variables; Triangular fuzzy numbers; Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP); Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy (Fuzzy AHP), Human Resource Flexibility Problem.

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