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MDD with Added Null-Value and All-Value Edges Applied to Multi-Valued Domino Logic Gates
Craig M. Files and Mark H. Nodine

This paper presents a Multi-valued Decision Diagram (MDD) that has additional null-value and all-value edges. The MDD is based on a multivalued algebra that augments multi-valued variables to allow a null output value. A null output value represents the lack of any valid value for a given input combination (akin to an output don’t care, but its value cannot be changed). Aside effect of the null-value edge is that the MDDis capable of representing 1-valued variables. The null-value is also used in representing mutexes (a concept that defines an input don’t care condition).

While there have been publications that have created binary decision diagrams with a third (all-value) edge, to the authors’ knowledge, this is the first time an all-value edge has been added to an MDD. This MDD data structure is the foundation for Intrinsity’s multi-valued logic synthesis algorithms. Plus, the MDD is used to functionally represent multi-valued domino logic gates.

Keywords: Multi-valued Decision Diagram, MDD, Multi-valued Domino Logic.

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