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Posbist Reliability Theory of k-out-of-n:G System
Hong-Zhong Huang,Yanfeng Li and Yu Liu

A preliminary analysis of the posbist reliability of typical system structures was provided by Cai et al. [Fuzzy Sets and Systems 42: 145–172 (1991) and Microelectronics and Reliability 35 (1): 49–56 (1995)]. In this paper, we provide a detailed analysis of the posbist reliability of k-out-of-n:G system structures. Expressions of the posbist reliability of k-out-of-n:G system is developed. It is presented that all methods for generating membership functions can be used in principle for constructing relevant possibility distributions. Several methods for constructing the possibility distributions are discussed in details and a method for generating the LR type possibility distributions is provided for posbist reliability analysis of fatigue lifetime data of mechanical parts. Two numerical examples are given to illustrate some of these methods.

Keywords: Posbist reliability, Gaussian fuzzy variable, system lifetime, fuzzy reliability, possibility distributions, membership functions.

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