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Intuitionistic Fuzzy n-ary Hypergroups
B. Davvaz and V. Leoreanu-Fotea

After the introduction of fuzzy sets by Zadeh, there have been a number of generalizations of this fundamental concept. The notion of intuitionistic fuzzy sets introduced by Atanassov is one among them. The aim of this paper is to introduce the notion of intuitionistic fuzzy n-ary subhypergroups of an n-ary hypergroup. Characterizations of intuitionistic fuzzy n-ary subhypergroups are given. Fortheremore we investigate some properties preserved by a strong homomorphism.

Keywords: Hypergroup, n-ary hypergroup, fuzzy set, n-ary subhypergroup, fuzzy n-ary subhypergroup, intutionistic fuzzy set, strong homomorphism

2000 AMS Mathematics Subject Classification: 20N20, 20N25.

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