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Filter Theory of Bounded Residuated Lattice Ordered Monoids
Jirí Rachunek and Dana Salounova

Bounded residuated lattice ordered monoids (R -monoids) are a common generalization of pseudo-BL-algebras and Heyting algebras, i.e. algebras of the non-commutative basic fuzzy logic (and consequently of the basic fuzzy logic, the Łukasiewicz logic and the non-commutative Łukasiewicz logic) and the intuitionistic logic, respectively. In the paper we introduce and study classes of filters of bounded  R-monoids leading (in normal cases) to quotient algebras which are Heyting algebras, Boolean algebras and GMV-algebras (=pseudo-MV-algebras), respectively.

Keywords: Residuated l-monoid, pseudo-BL-algebra, Heyting algebra, pseudo-MV-algebra, filter, normal filter.

2000 MS Classification: 06D35, 06F05

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