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An Axiomatic Decision Aid for Marine Equipment Selection in Ship Machinery Design and Installation Projects
Selcuk Cebi, Metin Celik and Cengiz Kahraman

The recent innovations in marine technology have provided a great number of opportunities for naval engineers and marine engineers especially in equipment selection. However, a critical decision-making issue has arisen towards the choice of equipment types in order to manage overall system integrity onboard ships. This paper utilizes fuzzy information axioms (FIA) to ensure an optimum primary design layout for shipbuilding projects. To illustrate the proposed idea, the installation of a compressed air system is prosperously demonstrated. Besides innovative contributions to project/production management in the shipbuilding industry, the proposed methodology has also great potential to ensure global relevance especially to equipment configuration problem in other industrial disciplines.

Keywords: Marine equipment selection; fuzzy information axiom; marine engineering; ship machinery installation; compressed air system.

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