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A Fuzzy Evaluation Model for Habitat Suitability of Four Major Chinese Carps
Yuankun Wang, Dong Wang and Jichun Wu

Human activities, especially dam construction and river channelizations are changing the river environment and stream habitat in the Yangtze River. Aquatic organisms, especially, the four major Chinese carps are affected. Based on the research on the main eco-factors influencing growth and reproduction of the four major Chinese carps, 6 assessment indexes were selected to reflect habitat suitability. A fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model for the four major Chinese carps habitat suitability was developed. The stream habitat for the carp was assessed with the model. The results show that the proposed model is adaptable for assessing stream habitat suitability. The proposed model could provide an effective tool for the river management department assessing the habitat quality.

Keywords: Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation; four major Chinese carps; habitat suitability; Yangtze River

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