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ESCT Minimization for Incompletely Specified Functions
Marios Kalathas, Dimitrios Voudouris and George Papakonstantinou

In this work, a novel heuristic algorithm for the minimization of Exclusive- Or Sum of Complex Terms (ESCT) expressions for multiple output incompletely specified functions is presented. An initial algorithm, ESCTDC, uses functional decomposition and multiple-valued logic in order to produce near minimal expressions for these functions. Based on ESCT-DC, an improved algorithm, QuickESCT-DC, is proposed, which outperforms existing algorithms. The experimental results presented indicate the superiority of this algorithm, compared to previous ones for incompletely specified functions, and the exploitation of don’t care terms achieved for ESCT. By setting some limitations in the type of operations performed, our algorithm can minimize ESOP expressions, too.

Keywords: ESCT, ESOP, Maitra cells, minimization, incompletely specified, don’t care

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