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Soft R0-Algebras Based on Fuzzy Sets
Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan and Young Bae Jun

By means of ∈-soft sets, q-soft sets and ∈∨q-soft sets, some characterizations of (implicative) filteristic soft R0-algebras are investigated. Finally, we prove that a soft set is an implicative filteristic soft R0-algebra if and only if it is a Boolean filteristic soft R0-algebra.

Keywords: Soft R0-algebra; (∈,∈ ∨q)-fuzzy (implicative) filter; (∈,∈ ∨ q)-fuzzy (implicative) filter; fuzzy (implicative) filter with thresholds; (implicative) filteristic soft R0-algebra

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 03E72; 03G10; 03B52

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