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More on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Residuated Lattices
Esfandiar Eslami and Peng-Yung Woo

In this paper we continue our studies on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Lattices (IFLs) that are introduced before. We give more properties of these lattices considered as symmetric (or regular) lattices. The connection between IFLs and ground residuated lattices are investigated.We introduce the notion of filter and congruence relation on IFLs and give their relations to filters and congruence relations of the original residuated lattices. As our final goal is to axiomatize the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic, we think that these algebraic studies are all towards our main destination.

Keywords: intuitionistic fuzzy residuated lattice, residuated lattice, symmetric lattice, intuitionistic fuzzy logic

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