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Using Multi Attribute Choquet Integral in Site Selection of Wind Energy Plants: The Case of Turkey
Selcuk Cebi and Cengiz Kahraman

Generating electricity from renewable energy is a current topic of Turkish government to get increasing electricity need of the country. Turkey has a lot of renewable energy alternatives because of its geographical position. In particular, wind energy is a great potential among the renewable energy alternatives. Therefore, Turkish government encourages the investors to install wind energy plants. How to select an appropriate wind energy plant location has a critical importance to maximize investor’s profit. This paper aims at determining the most suitable region in Turkey for wind energy plant. In the scope of this study, Amasra, Bandirma, Bozcaada, and Canakkale which have great wind potential are taken into consideration by using Choquet integral to determine the site for wind energy plant.

Keywords: Wind energy; Site selection; Choquet integral; Multi attribute decision making

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